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As our planet ascends into a higher state of consciousness, we are catching up. Come enjoy wild light engaging the camera without filters or tricks. Fairies and elementals, angels and ETs--and especially our Sun--are reaching out to welcome us into an expanded awareness of our wondrous world. Our cameras can guide us as we explore, as we learn to create our own connections. The universe (and many inter-dimensional beings) want to play with us!

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Above is the original, unedited video featured at the end of our YouTube clip, New Moon Love BEAM. Within it was the geometric fractal beam, found in slow motion as seen on YouTube, embedded here.

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CoCreateLight.com is an initiative of The Johava Sunheart Collective and CoCreate Light LLC

Cover photo taken at the seashore in Bali near 10,000-foot Mount Agung (lower left)

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*the caption's quote is a prophecy from Hopi Elder, Thomas Banyacya Sr, who addressed the United Nations in 1992

(CoCreate Light has no affiliation with the Hopi Nation)